9 Reasons to use a broker instead of a banker

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Like a lot of finance brokers in the world today, I’ve seen the finance world from both sides of the fence, having worked as a business banker for over 9 years, and then as a broker for the past 2 years. When I started out as a graduate, and through most of my early banking [...]

Rockanomics – Sept Quarter 2017

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  WHAT WAS? If markets are truly efficient, digest all available information and are somewhat “forward thinking”, then clearly it is dismissing any real threat of war despite the near weekly barbs being lobbed about by two of the most famous, nuclear equipped, madmen in the world. The broad based All Country World Index of [...]

BlueRock 6th Best Place to Work in Australia!

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  Being a specialist advisory firm that does things differently has had its perks this past year. BlueRock has accomplished great things with the highlight being the Best Places to Work Awards. For the second year in a row BlueRock took part in the top 100 Best Places to Work in Australia Awards. Having received [...]

Rockanomics – June 2017 Quarter

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  WHAT WAS? “Choo! Choo!” What’s that you say? We’ll if you looked at the trajectory of the broad based MSCI All Country World index (of major global shares) over the first 6 months of 2017 (heck even the last 1.5 years), you could surmise that that would be the sound of the gravy train, [...]

Rockanomics – March 2017 Quarter

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  WHAT WAS? A positive start it was for (nearly all) equities in 2017 as global stocks, measured by the MSCI All Country world index, went up 6.1% for the March quarter, even hitting an all-time high on its way there. With U.S. economic fundamentals continuing to improve and the March unemployment rate the lowest [...]

Clients That Rock: Elysian Travel

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For co-founders Gavin Grift and Ryan Chin, Elysian Travel was the natural next step in their careers. Ryan’s background in hospitality and personal organisation of Gavin’s executive calendar sowed the seeds for the Elysian idea. Gavin’s weekly travel as part of his corporate life helped them to discover the travel industry up close and personal [...]

Blue Rock’s Quest to Become B-Corp Certified

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At Blue Rock, we’ve always been about more than strategic financial advice. That’s why we’re on a new journey that takes us beyond accounting, law, and wealth management, but one that will nonetheless hearken to the work we’ve done in the past, and strengthen our efforts going forward. Blue Rock is on a quest to [...]

Rockanomics – November 2016

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  WHAT WAS? Despite what every pollster, bookmaker, Democrat, Wall Streeter, and soothsayer with a crystal ball had to say, The Donald was anointed the 45th President of the U.S.A. And as 2016 has shown, people in the business of prediction clearly need to ask themselves just one question…… “Why do I still have a [...]

Rockanomics – October 2016

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  WHAT WAS? The overarching influence on nearly all global finance in the month of October was the culminating of the 18 month reality TV show known as the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign. Pro-Clinton investment markets nervously bit their fingernails as Team Trump somehow managed to gain lost ground despite an unending series of [...]

Emma & Tom’s in the Australian Business Review

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Our clients, Emma & Tom's are featured in this article from the Australian Business Review. Read the full story here. http://www.theabe.tv/2016/10/14/emma-toms-foods-looking-after-australia/