Rockanomics – March 2017 Quarter

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  WHAT WAS? A positive start it was for (nearly all) equities in 2017 as global stocks, measured by the MSCI All Country world index, went up 6.1% for the March quarter, even hitting an all-time high on its way there. With U.S. economic fundamentals continuing to improve and the March unemployment rate the lowest [...]

Clients That Rock: Elysian Travel

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For co-founders Gavin Grift and Ryan Chin, Elysian Travel was the natural next step in their careers. Ryan’s background in hospitality and personal organisation of Gavin’s executive calendar sowed the seeds for the Elysian idea. Gavin’s weekly travel as part of his corporate life helped them to discover the travel industry up close and personal [...]

Blue Rock’s Quest to Become B-Corp Certified

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At Blue Rock, we’ve always been about more than strategic financial advice. That’s why we’re on a new journey that takes us beyond accounting, law, and wealth management, but one that will nonetheless hearken to the work we’ve done in the past, and strengthen our efforts going forward. Blue Rock is on a quest to [...]

Rockanomics – November 2016

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  WHAT WAS? Despite what every pollster, bookmaker, Democrat, Wall Streeter, and soothsayer with a crystal ball had to say, The Donald was anointed the 45th President of the U.S.A. And as 2016 has shown, people in the business of prediction clearly need to ask themselves just one question…… “Why do I still have a [...]

Rockanomics – October 2016

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  WHAT WAS? The overarching influence on nearly all global finance in the month of October was the culminating of the 18 month reality TV show known as the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign. Pro-Clinton investment markets nervously bit their fingernails as Team Trump somehow managed to gain lost ground despite an unending series of [...]

Emma & Tom’s in the Australian Business Review

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Our clients, Emma & Tom's are featured in this article from the Australian Business Review. Read the full story here.

Rockanomics – September 2016

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  WHAT WAS? This column definitely revels in its “educated” rants but you can’t say we make some of this stuff up (as much as our questionable sense of humor tells us otherwise). So as we cautioned in last month’s edition and after nearly 2 months of markets tip toing around amidst shrinking volatility and [...]

Rockanomics – August 2016

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  WHAT WAS? Setting up base camp? That might have been one way to describe equity market movements in August. An experienced mountaineer will tell you the importance of doing so - to recover, replenish and regroup (re-think even!). After all, the air starts to get really thin up there and a lack of oxygen [...]

VARIDESK and the Health Benefits of Standing Desks

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Standing desks are all the rage these days in offices around the country, allowing employees the chance to get up out of their seats and comfortably stand while working for extended periods of time. Blue Rock is leading the way with a number of employees using the standing desks. VARIDESK has been leading the way [...]

Rockanomics – July 2016

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ROCKANOMICS JULY 2016 WHAT WAS? These are high times indeed. Not of the green and medical kind but of the equity market variety as American stock indices clipped all-time highs in July (what Brexit??). The holy trinity of the Dow, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ were up between 2.7% and 6.6% for the month. Technology, [...]